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Made for dream diary jam 5 Now updated for ddj 6!

I'm very slow at making things so there's not a lot to look at yet

- 8 effects

- Some sounds used are placeholders. Some are missing.

- Dead end worlds (haven't made the places they connect to yet). The nexus world with the yellow curtains doesn't have an effect or lead anywhere

- Somewhat decent pixel art. 

- This update is complete garbage and full of bugs. It barely adds anything 

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Tagsddj5, ddj6, Pixel Art, rm2k3, ynfg


ISO DDJ6 (fixed).zip 93 MB
ISO DDJ6.zip 113 MB
Iso.zip 52 MB

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It was great to watch this progress during the course of the jam! For something 'very rushed' it looks fantastic. :)
[also found a small quirk, if you press Shift while riding the panther, a text box shows up saying 'Fast Speed Test' or something along those lines]

Awww thanks💖, and thank you for catching that! I'll fix it as soon as I can.

the art and over all aesthetic you've created is really nice!  really impressed by your animations as well, I always find that to be the most difficult part of creating graphics, personally.  I'm not sure if you planning on updating in the future, but I'd love to see more!

thank you so much! Animation really is frustrating yeah. I'm planning on adding more next jam, but we'll see

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